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Become A Physical Therapist

Become a physical therapist

If you’re interested in getting a physical therapy career, you probably know already that you will have to go through a certification process, which will allow you to practice in the US, in all its states. In order to be certified, you have to complete a PT program, which is approved for this purpose.

Right now, over 200 programs are accredited and allowed to give PT certification. This comes either as part of a master’s degree which takes 2 years, or a doctoral degree, which takes 3 years. In order to get the certification, the student has to complete one of them.

The courses which will be undertaken by the students include topics like chemistry, growth and development of humans and biology, plus a number of other courses which are included in the program of Physical Therapy. The students which are trying to get certified will also have to be volunteers, in the department of Physical Therapy of a clinic or hospital, over a certain time period.

Once they’ve completed the requirements of the program, the students are allowed to take part in state and national license exams. In order to be able to get a job as a physical therapist, you have to pass the exams. Once those exams are passed, you can be hired by hospitals, schools, private clinics, corporate facilities, nursing homes and so on.

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NPTE is the name of the exam given to people that are trying to become physical therapists and it is available in all the US states, as well as the additional three jurisdictions. It has to be passed by assistant physical therapists and physical therapists alike. It’s an exam that is taken on a computer and it takes five hours to complete if you’re taking it to become a physical therapist. For assistants, it takes four hours.