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Recommended NPTE Exam Books

March 4th, 2012 | Posted by admin in National Physical Therapy Examination

Study Guides To Excel In NPTEIf you’re interested in becoming either a PTA (Physical Therapist Assistant) or a PT (Physical Therapist), you should first understand that there are certain exams that have to be passed. The exam in question is called NPTE and it’s a requirement for all physical therapists. The NPTE tries to determine the abilities, skills and the knowledge of the people taking the exam and taking it means that you’re ready to perform in this function in hospitals, clinics and anywhere else where a PT can be hired.

One of the NPTE exam books which are available, there are a few that seem especially useful for people taking this exam. The Review Guide written by O’Sullivan and by Siegelman is one of these books that is highly recommended. This book has been in print for more than 15 years and it continues to be one of the best choices for practicing therapists, faculty members and students. The guide tries to help the student understand the NPTE exam in all its aspects, which includes simulated exams, information on state licensing, strategies on studying and taking tests and a review of the content which has to be studied.

Another NPTE exam book that is highly recommended is Blue Book, which is the course manual for the IER exam.

McGraw-Hill’s NPTE is written by Mark Dutton and it’s designed to help the student pass this tough exam. The study includes everything one needs to know. There are 500 questions and answers included in the attached CD, which can be used to simulate the NPTE exam.

One final recommendation is the PTEXAM, a book written by Scott Giles. It’s a book that is well laid out. It contains all the needed information in order to pass the exam and there are blue boxes with the information that is most important.

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