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Take NPTE Practice Exams

March 4th, 2012 | Posted by admin in National Physical Therapy Examination

NPTE Practice ExamsIf you’re interested in taking the NPTE exam, one idea to be better prepared would be to take some NPTE practice exams first. The PEAT is an online exam which is designed by FSBPT, the same organization which does the administration for the NPTE. Thanks to this, the quality of the practice exam is assured. There is a time limit on the practice exam, so that’s another part of the real exam that you get to practice. Managing time is very important, since you have a limited amount of time in order to finish the NPTE exam.

When you take the PEAT, this exam will give you the reasons why an answer is correct, when you get it right. You will understand exactly why that is the right answer and that makes approaching the real exam even easier. With the help of a practice exam, you can become familiar with exams that are computer based and timed, which is quite different from writing on a piece of paper. Since the PEAT exam allows you to practice ahead of time, you will not be stressed when the real exam comes, even if you’re not that experienced around computers.

The structure and the format of the practice exams are similar to the NPTE, making it even more important to do them before tackling the real thing. As soon as the practice exam is over you will know what score you got, so you know what areas are weak and have to be addressed during your preparations. The reports will detail each part of the exam and how you did. It will explain why the answer you gave was correct or wrong and the reasoning behind the answer.

Knowing which areas need more work can prove to be the difference between a failed exam and a successful NPTE certification.

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